The Support Services License was licensed under the Johor Port Authority (“JPA”) and Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas) under the Port Authority Act 1963 and governed by JPA.  There are 15 port activities which requires licenses from JPA, which are as follows:

1.    Freight Fowrders
2.    Warehouse Operators
3.    Installation Operators
4.    On-Dock Depot
5.    Cargo Surveyor
6.    Tally Clerk
7.    Stevedoring / Cargo Handling / Trimming Gang
8.    Lashing Dan Unlashing
9.    Fumigation
10.  Pembekalan Perkhidmatan Stevedoring Gears / Pembekalan Perkhidmatan Safety Net
11.  Pembekalan Perkhidmatan Jentera Punggah
12.  Pembersihan Tumpahan Dagangan Berbahaya
13.  Pembekalan Perkhidmatan Jentera Kren
14.  Pebekalan Perkhidmatan Jentera Konveyor.   
15.  Pengendalian Dagangan Pukal
16.  Packing / Unpacking
17.  Membekalkan Perkhidmatan Pemandu Kenderaan Dari / Ke Kapal-Kapal Ro-Ro
18.  Ship Chandling
19.  Stuffing & Unstuffing 
20.  Penyelaman
21.  Bekalan Air Tawar
22.  Bunkering
23.  Pembaikan & Pembekalan Alat Ganti Kapal
24.  Pembaikan Dan Pembekalan Alat Ganti Jentera (Crane, Conveyor, RTG dan Lain-lain Jentera Punggah25.  Sis Buangan Sampah Domestik
26.  Mooring
27.  Pembuangan Dan Penerimaan Sisa Kapal
28.  STS Operation (FSU)


JPA Port Community System was developed to centralize all systems utilised by users to carry out activities in Johor Port, Pasir Gudang, and Port Of Tanjung Pelepas. All application for licensing services by Johor Port Authority is to be made via online starting from 1 July 2016:

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Users are required to register in order to utilise the abovementioned online applications.  The e-Registration Guides here:

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The updated list of licensed operators by JPA to carry out the Support Services is can be viewed via

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Private jetty license is registered under the Johor Port Authority and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas under the Port Authorities Act 1963 and is regulated by JPA.

JPA should be referred to for licensing procedures regarding any areas intended for the construction of structures and jetties for cargo handling operations in Johor Port, Pasir Gudang limits and Tanjung Pelepas.

Checklist for application and payment rates can be referred to as follows:

Private jetty

An updated list of names of private jetty licenses registered with JPA can be accessed via :


Lay up permit is issued by JPA to all types of vessel and oil rigs qualified and placed in Kuala Sungai Johor. Lay up is an anchorage activity within a period exceeding two weeks without carrying out any operation.

Shipping agents who wish carry out lay up activities are required have a valid permit in order to qualify a company to do so in Kuala Sungai Johor. Checklist for application and payment rates can be referred to as follows:


Pilotage license is granted to qualified pilots who passed the interview by the Johor Port Authority Pilotage Committee and Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas).

Checklist for application and payment rates can be referred to as below:

Training Schedule
Pilot Examination Fees (JPB)
Pilot Test Exam (JPB)
Pilot Test Exam (PTP)
Pilotage Exemption procedures
Document Checklist For Piloting Accreditation Application