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 Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Johor Port Authority (JPA) and  Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC)

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Johor Port Authority (JPA) and Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC) was held on 6 October 2016 at Pocket Talk, Hall 1, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). The partnership between JPA and MGTC is to conduct the "Sustainable Project 2016-2017" to improve Public Work Department’s (PWD) Green Rating (GR) for JPA’s headquarters building from 3 to 5 star standards.

The project refers to JPA Green Port Policy 2014-2020, the program promotes sustainability by using green technology initiatives and best practice procedures to reduce the environmental impact.

In addition, it is also based on the 11th Malaysia Plan’s 6th Strategic Thrust which the government has set a target of 20% Green Procurement Government in 2020 for the realization of the development agenda of green and goals of production and use of sustainable (Sustainable Consumption and Production or SCP ).

Among the components of the project which will be implemented in 2016-2017 under the joint venture are as follows:

  1. Implementation of energy audits for JPA buildings (zero cost under a SEDA grant ) (2016);
  2. Implementation of JPA Green Procurement Policy to complement and strengthen the JPA Green Port Policy in terms of operations and objectives towards a more sustainable development of ports in Malaysia (2016);
  3. conversion program for florescent lightings (existing) to LED lightings. (2017).







1)    Pelaksanaan audit tenaga untuk bangunan LPJ (sifar kos di bawah geran SEDA) (2016);

2)    Pelaksanaan Polisi Perolehan Hijau LPJ bagi melengkapkan dan memantapkan lagi Buku Polisi Pelabuhan Hijau LPJ dari segi objektif ke arah operasi dan pembangunan pelabuhan yang lebih mampan di Malaysia (2016);

3)   Program penukaran lampu florescent (sedia ada) kepada lampu LED. (2017).