Port of Pasir Gudang

Johor Port, located in Pasir Gudang, Johor is a modern port equipped with all the facilities that is able to meet the demand of cargo handling operations and shipping at the international level. It is equipped with a highway link network system that is connected to the rest of the country from north to south of the peninsular. Port operations area gazetted as a Free Trade Zone allows Johor Port to function as the center of entrepot trade flow (import, export and transshipment) and improve the manufacturing industry in the area of port operations. Johor Port is able to accommodate a total of 40 million tons of cargo, including 1.2 million TEUs of containers.

Features of the terminal are as follows:

Container Terminal

It has a quay length of 760 meters and is equipped with 8 Post Panamax Quayside Cranes, 21 transfer cranes, 4 reach stackers and 52 prime movers. The container area is 250,000 square meters with a total of 1,200,000 container TEUs including complete facilities for reefers containers. It is also equipped with rail system network, computerized tracking system and warehouse facilities to store cargo.

Container Terminal

Dock  Length  Depth DWT Maximum
CT1  253 metres  13.5 metres  104, 000
CT2  253 metres 13.5 metres 104, 000
CT3 253 metres 13.5 metres 104, 000


Liquid Bulk Cargo

There are two four-berth piers especially for Liquid Bulk Cargo Terminal that is Liquid Bulk Terminal (Edible Oil) and Liquid Bulk Terminal (Dangerous Goods).


Dangerous Liquid Bulk Cargo (Dangerous Goods)

Reserved for handling dangerous cargo consisted of fuels, petrochemicals, gas and other petroleum products. It has storage capacity of 517.451 mt. The terminal also has strict security procedures and fire prevention equipment, with high security features for the safety of port users.


Liquid Bulk Cargo

Jetty Length Depth DWT Maximum
BT1 240 metres 13.0 metres 95,000
BT2 405 metres 13.5 metres 120,000
BT3 200 metres 11.5 metres 40,000
BT4 105 metres 9.0 metres 7,000
BT12 183 metres 12.5 metres 70,000


Liquid Bulk Terminal (Edible Oil)

The terminal is designated to handle a variety of edible liquid cargo such as palm oil, soybean oil, corn oil, coconut and others. It has the largest edible oil storage tanks in the world with the storage capacity of more than 460,000mt at a time.

Liquid Bulk Terminal (Edible Oil)

Jetty Length Depth DWT Maximum
BT5 215 metres 11.5 metres 32,000
BT6 195 metres 11.5 metres 53,300
BT7 110 metres 9.0 metres 15,000
BT8 137 metres 10.0 metres 10,000
BT9 61 metres 6.5 metres 6,500
BT10 110 metres 6.5 metres 26,000


Bulk and Break Bulk Terminal

The terminal is dedicated to handling break bulk and dry bulk cargo. It covers a total length of 2.4km for the ship to dock with water depth of 13.5 meters. Among the types of dry bulk cargo handled are edible and non-edible materials such as cement clinkers, steel, iron ore, wood chips and such. Break bulk cargo are made up of palletized, barrels, pipes, coils, and so on. It has storage facilities totaling to 230,000 square meter, and equipped with facilities for handling cargoes such as conveyor systems, cranes and so on. Stevedores provided are experienced and skilled in handling cargo and work on board.

Dry Bulk Terminal

Jetty Length Depth DWT Maximum
W4 192 metres 13.5 metres 78,000
W5 217 metres 13.5 metres 78,000
W6 214 metres 13.5 metres 78,000
W7 195 metres 13.8 metres 80,000
W8 195 metres 13.8 metres 80,000
W9 195 metres 13.8 metres 80,000
W10 195 metres 13.8 metres 80,000
W11 S 230 metres 11.0 metres 13,000
W11 N 120 metres 5.0 metres 13,000



Pasir Gudang Maritime Boundary

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Declaration of Port Limit Amendment for the Johor Port, Pasir Gudang