Question 1 : What is the role of the JPA Traffic Unit?
Answer :

  • The JPA Traffic Unit's role is to monitor the operation of handling and transfer of cargoes by port operators in the vicinity of Johor Port, Pasir Gudang (JPB), PTP, and ferry terminals according to the relevant laws.
  • To regulate and ensure that the cargo handling operations adhere to policies or standards set and enforced.

Question 2 : Will containers stored in the storage area exceeding the time limit be imposed fine?
Answer :

Yes. Containers placed in the storage area exceeding the prescribed time limit will be fined.

Please refer to the following table (free storage period)

Johor Port, Pasir Gudang

Type Of Cargo


4 Weeks


3 Days


6 Days


Port of Tanjung Pelepas

Type Of Cargo


5 Days


3 Days


14 Days

DG good

3 Days

DG goods Transhipment

3 Days


* Further information is available at Johor Port Authority (Scale of Rates, Dues and Charges) By Laws and Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas) (Scale of Rates, Dues and Charges) By-Laws 2000

Question 3 : What is the tariff for the movement of containers in the port?
Answer :

The rate for port services is issued by the port itself according to the tariff approved by JPA and is managed by an agency for the purpose of payment and documentation. The traffic unit only monitors the movement of container in the port.

Question 1 : What is the role of the development unit?
Answer :

The unit is responsible for maintaining the development in Johor Port and assets under the supervision of Johor Port Authority.

Question 2: What are the type of maintenance carried out by the construction units?
Answer :

  • Maintenance in fixing damages that occurred in the Port such as road maintenance, street lighting and facilities of the port.
  • To fix damages in rental houses and quarters belonging to the Johor Port Authority.

Question 3 : How to report the damages in the rented house?


  • Report to the Development Unit at the JPA building or download the complaint form on the JPA website.
  • Submit the completed form to the JPA Development Unit.
  • The completed form will be processed no later than 3 days.
  • The technician in charge will assess the damage done and take action against such damage.

Question 4 : Will JPA bear the cost of any damages that occur in the rental house or JPA quarters?
Answer :

  • JPA will only bear the cost of damage caused by other than a tenant’s or user’s negligence.
  • Damage incurred as a result of the negligence of the tenant must be borne by the tenant.

Question 1 : What licenses are controlled by JPA Marine?

Question 2 : Apart from issuing licenses, what are the tasks carried out by the Marine unit?
Answer :

  • To conduct patrols to prevent illegal activities in Johor waters.

  • To monitor construction works done in Johor waters. Any plans for construction works in Johor waters must obtain approval in advance from JPA.

  • To issue summons to the vessels performing activities that violate the law.

Question 3: What are the procedures for a vessel that intends to lay-up in Johor waters?

Download Lay Up Form

Forms may be faxed to 07-2523730 or contact the Marine Unit at 07-2534035.
Any inquiries concerning the Marine Unit may be submitted to the following officers:


Officer’s Name and Telephone No.


Miss Norzie Hasnira (07-2534025) dan Mr. Mohd Nazri (07-2534057)


Mr. Dino Asmara (07-253 4065)

Support Licenses  Mr. Fedlune (07-253 4057)

Question 1 : What are the duties and functions of the Port Fire Department Unit?
Answer :

  • To supervise and ensure that prevention / firefighting equipment’s in the port are functional and well maintained.

  • To supervise and monitor the work involving the application for Permit to Work (PTW) in Johor Port Berhad, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and port water limits.

Question 2 : What are the procedures to be followed to carry out maintenance work in the port?
Answer : PTW (Permit to Work) only needs to be applied at JPB and PTP Security Department.

Question 3: What are the procedures to be followed to carry out maintenance work on vessels in the port?
Answer :

  1. Maintenance work on the vessels in water limits of both ports would require the approval of the JPA.
  2. This authorization may be required to apply for a permit from the JPA Fire Department Unit. Permits can be obtained at the headquarters of JPA or downloaded from the JPA website.
  3. Complete the form and submit to the Johor Port Authority building or fax to 07-2523730.
  4. Please contact the Fire Department Unit at 07-2534000 for any inquiries.

Question 4: What are examples of work which require PTW?

  • Welding
  • Confined space
  • Pipeline X-ray
  • Mechanical repairs on machinery
  • Bunkering

Question 1 : What is dangerous cargo?
Answer :

Dangerous cargo is cargo carrying hazardous substances as listed in the "International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code" (IMDG Code). Examples of these are:

  • Combustible material (Class 3)
  • Explosive material (Class 1)
  • Corrosive material (Class 8)
  • Radioactive Material (Class 7)

Question 2: How many classes of hazardous materials are there contained in the "IMDG Code"?
Answer :

There are 9 classes in the IMDG Code, namely:

Question 3 : How is the declaration of dangerous cargo carried out  in Johor Port?
Answer :

Any dangerous cargo seeking entrance / exit to / from Johor Port must be declared by the agencies in advance through the dangerous cargo declaration form.

The declaration is needed to determine the types of cargo handled according to the classes in the "IMDG Code". The information that must be declared includes:

  1. UN No
  2. Proper Shipping Name
  3. IMO Class
  4. JPA Group

Question 4 : How do JPA authorities and port operators ensure the safety of dangerous cargoes handled at Johor Port?

  1. Agents declare their cargo before entering or exiting the port.
  2. JPA and port operators will check the authenticity of the given information according the law.
  3. Cargoes will be inspected at random to ensure that goods brought are as per declared.
  4. Cargoes will be given permission to enter or exit if all information given is correct and precise.

The process of declaration and handling of dangerous cargoes at Johor Port is according to:

  1. Port Authorities Act 1963
  2. Privatization Act 1990
  3. Johor Port Authority By-laws 1979
  4. Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas) By-Laws 2000
  5. IMDG Code

Question 1: How far is the journey from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal?
Answer :

The journey from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal takes 30 minutes with a distance of 10 nautical miles.

Question 2 : How long is the journey from Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal to Desaru?
Answer :

The journey from Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal to Desaru takes 30 minutes with a distance of 35km.

Question 3 : What are the attractions in the area of Desaru?
Answer :

There are several attractions in the area of Desaru: -

  • Hotels and golf course in Desaru resort area.
  • Fruits orchards in Desaru Fruit Farm
  • Fishermen's Museum at Tanjung Balau
  • Ostrich Farm in Pengerang
  • Fire Flies in Sungai Lebam
  • Crocodile Farm in Telok Sengat
  • Seafood restaurants in Pengerang and Telok Sengat
  • Homestay in Felda Semenchu