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YB. Dato' Abdul Rahim Bin Ramli
Pengerusi (Bukan Eksekutif)
Dato  Long see  wool
Dato' Long See Wool
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 Passport Photo - mr. chua

Encik Chua Kok Ching
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othman copy
Encik Othman Mustapha
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Encik Tan Ba Ba
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Encik Muhammad Razif Bin Ahmad
Pengurus Besar
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Encik Md Za'nal Bin Misran
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Dr. Normas Binti Awang
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 aizun nazlin

Puan Aizun Nazlin Binti Abdullah
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YB. Dato' Abdul Rahim Bin Ramli
Pengerusi (Bukan Eksekutif)
Career Developement
1964                 - Cadet Officer in the Johor Civil Service\
1966                 - Assistant Clerk of Legislative Council
1969                 - Secretary Clerk of Legislative Council
1976 - 1978      - District Offcer Johor Bahru
1978 - 1980      - Deputy President Johor Bahru Municipality
1980 - 1985      - State Finance Officer
1985 - 1993      - State Secretary Johor
Performance & Achivement
1. As State Secretary I Was personallyinvolved in the planning, implementation and coordinating socio economic projects for the State, based on goverment's New Economic Plan
2. Participate on international negotiations with PUB Singapore on water supply, the World Bank for development project under the Johor Barat Scheme, and the Singapore Government on Maritime border issues, among others.
3. Successfully concluded and obtained compensation of RM350 milion from Singapore for the Linggui Dam catchment area.
Ensure high standard of productivity and integrity in the delivery system of the civil service
Present Positions
1. Director (2008 till present) - Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Berhad, a subsidiary o Keck Seng Malaysia Berhad listed in the First Board of KLSE
2. Senior Advisor KSM Bhd (1996 - present)
- Provide advice on government policies and procedures for accurate, efficient and transparent approvals.
- Established close rapport with government agencies
3. CEO of Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Bhd (1996 - present)
- Responsible for the business development and profitabilities of the Resort and its 3x18 hole international standard golf courses, accomodation facilities, Food & Beverage and Sports and Recreation.
- Evaluate annual budget and CAPEX for the Company in line with accepted business principles and managed and operated in an efficient and cost effective structure.
-Optimize and ensure maximum returns to shareholders interest and its capital value maintained and enhanced
 over the period of time
-Appraise staff performance, consisting of one General Manager, 12 HOD's 46 Executives and 245 general workers, for purposes of annual increaments and bonuses, as well as career developements.
- Meeting Company's twin targets:
  a) Vision : To make Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort a recognized and reowned holiday destination specializing in golf, recreational and hospitality facilities, delivering value for money products and services. To this end, we have archieved 4 star hotel/resort rating from the Ministry of Tourism. We are able to attract a large number of Korean golfers during their winter holidays over the past seven tears till the present, staying at least three month on each visit. We were once the home of the Asian Professional Golfer Association's Qualifying School. Many and various multinational corporations with inverstments in Pasir Gudang have take 20 villas in our resort for long term stays for their staff.
We Have hosted visit by heads of state including Yang Dipertuan Agong (Negeri Sembilan, Perlis), Malaysian Prime Minister dan VIce Prime Minister, SIngapore President, Singapore Prime Minister, Malaysian Cabinet Minister, High Commissioners and Ambassadors among others.
  b) Quality Policy : Commited to deliver continuousl improving qality processes and quality delivering services to exceed costomers satisfaction and expectations. We are achieved ISO 9001:2008. We have obtained Halal Certification for our Malay, Western adn Chinese kitchen from JAKIM. We are proud in achieving high ranking for our golf courses.
4. Rated top 20 Golf Courses in Malaysia 2007/2008 Secretary, Council of the Royal Court (1996 - Present) appointed under article 28 of the Johor State Constitution by HRH Sultan Iskandar
-Preparing documents to be considered by the Council in its capacity under Article 42 of the State Constitution to advise the Ruler and his family on all matters.
- Ensure implementtation of decision of the Council through the government
- Appointed as Chancellor of the Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor (1996 - present)
(1996 - present) as Dato' Penghulu Istiadat Istana (Grand Master of Ceremonies and head of Protocol), to organize and implement all royal ceremonies
5. Trustee, Temenggong Abdul Rahman Foundation (1993 - present) to ensuring the proper exercise and implementation of providning scolarships to deserving Johor students in institutions of higher learning local and abroad.
6.Guest Writer for UTN (2010 - present)
- Have written and produced a book title "Sejarah Adat Istiadat Kesultanan Johor" (2011)
- Completing second book title "Adat Istiadat Kesultanan Johor Moden 1855 - 2010"
- The books provide guideliness for government protocol and organizing royal ceremonies
Award of Chivalry
1978   - Dato' Paduka Mahkota Johor (DPMJ)
1980   - Dato' Setia Sultan Ismail Johor (DSIJ)
1984   - Dato' Sri Setia Sultan Imail Johor First Class (SSIJ)
1986   - Dato' Sri Paduka Mahkota Johor First Class (SPMJ)
Service Medals
1970   - Pingat Ibrahim Sultan (PIS) II
1979   - Bintang Sultan Ismail (BSI)
2000   - Pingat Lama dan Baik dalam Perkhidmatan (PLP) - (Long and Meritorious Service Medal)
1. Golf
2. Reading
3. Writting
Dato Long see  wool
Dato' Long See Wool

Dilahirkan pada 18 november 1954. Anak kelahiran Pahang ini kemudiannya telah berkahwin dengan Datin Wong Nyuk Len dan dikurniakan dua orang cahaya mata. Beliau telah menyambung pelajarannya didalam Diploma Pengurusan Awam, Intan dan kemudiannya menyambung Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sastera (Kepujian) di Universiti Malaya.

Antara jawatan yang telah pernah disandang beliau ialah sebagai Penolong Setiausaha (Pengangkutan Udara) Bahagian Udara, Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia(26 November 1979). Beliau kemudiannya dilantik sebagai Ketua Penolong Setiausaha (Pembangunan Lapangan Terbang) Bahagian Udara, Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia(1 Mac 1983). Antara jawatan lain yang pernah disandang oleh beliau ialah Setiausaha Bahagian (Udara) Bahagian Udara (16 Mei 2002). Pada  November 2006, beliau telah memegang jawatan sebagai Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Perancangan) Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia sehingga 25 Januari 2010. 

Selain menjadi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Lembaga pelabuhan Johor, beliau juga menjadi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah bagi MAHB( Malaysia Airport Holdings BHD), MIMA (Maratime Institute Of Malaysia), MIROS (Malaysia Institute OF Road Safety Research), Suruhanjaya Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang dan Perbadanan Aset Keretapi.

Sebagai menghargai Jasa beliau terhadap kemajuan Negara,  beliau telah dianugerahkan dengan Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang(1992), Ahli Mangku Negara(1995), Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang(1998) dan Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang(DIMP) pada tahun 2006.


Encik Muhammad Razif Bin Ahmad

Pengurus Besar, LPJ

En Muhammad Razif Bin Ahmad berasal daripada selangor dan dilahirkan pada 19 Februari 1961. Beliau telah memulakan perkhidmatan bersama Jabatan Laut Malaysia pada tahun 1984 hingga April 2012 dan dari 17 April 2012, beliau telah dilantik sebagai Pengurus Besar LPJ dengan gred Jusa C. Beliau telah berkhidmat dalam kerajaan selama 30 tahun.

Beliau merupakan pemeganag B.Sc. (Hons) Nautical Studies, University of Studies, University of Southamton, UK.

Pengalaman Bekerja:-

1984 : Pegawai Laut, Jabatan Laut Semenanjung Malaysia

1988 : Dilantik sebagai "Inspector Of MArine Accident Investigation"

1998-2002 : Pengarah, Jabatan Laut Sarawak

 Timbalan Pengerusi Lembaga Boya dan Api Sarawak

 Ahli Lembaga Sungai-Sungai Sarawak

 Ahli Lembaga Perlesenan Perkapalan Dalam Negeri

2005 : Pengarah Bahagian Keselamatan Dan Pelayaran, Jabatan Laut Semenanjung Malaysia.

2005/2006 : Pegawai Perhubungan di Pertubuhan IMO, London

2006 - April 2012 : Pengarah Hal Ehwal Pelaut Dan Pelabuhan, Jabatan Laut Semenanjung Malaysia

April 2012 - Sekarang : Pengurus Besar, Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor (Gred Jusa 'C')


Penganugerahan Bintang dan Pingat

Beliau juga telah menerima penganugerahan Kesatria Mangku Negara (K.M.N) pada 21 Ogos 2008.



aizun nazlin
Puan Aizun Nazlin Binti Abdullah


Pn. Aizun Nazlin Binti Abdullah berasal dari Pontian Johor dan dilahirkan pada 14 September 1975. Berkelulusan dari Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (IIUM) serta mempunyai 2 kelulusan dalam bidang perundangan iaitu:-

  1. Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-Undang (LLB) pada 1996-2000
  2. Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-Undang Syariah (LLB(S) pada 2001

Mempunyai pengalaman kerja sebagai Peguam di firma guaman di Kuala Lumpur lebih daripada 2 tahun iaitu di:-

  1. Di Tetuan Baharuddin Ali & Co dan
  2. Tetuan Khalek Awang & Associates

Berpengalaman dalam bidang litigasi dalam mengendalikan kes-kes perundangan di Mahkamah dan dalam bidang conveyancing dalam menderaf dan menyemak perjanjian-perjanjian. Memegang jawatan sebagai Pegawai Undang-Undang di LPJ pada 15 Januari 2004 dan dilantik sebagai setiausaha Lembaga Pengarah LPJ dan LPJ (TP) pada 27 Febuari 2004


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