Port Centre Of Excellence


 "Port Centre of Excellence" is established to ensure a continuous sustainable development of human capital and in particular to meet the demand for labor which is increasing each year in line with current developments in the port and maritime industry.

PCOE was establish in collaboration with the following parties:

  • Johor Port Berhad
  • Port of Tanjung Pelepas
  • Iskandar Regional Development Authority
  • Johor Petroleum Development Corporation
  • ATT Tg Bin

  • Pengerang Dialogue
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology 
  • Universiti Kuala Lumpur
  • MIMA


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Download conference slides here :

1. Green Port Conference (Port Week 2015 Conference)

2. Logistics : Innovation In Challenging Times (Port Week 2016 Conference)





1. LEAN Management

2. Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE Logistics)

3. List Of Short Course, 2017



Corporate Service Unit

Johor Port Authority

Tel: 07-2534000 ext : 4073/4075 OR Fax : 07-2555200

Email : monaleza@lpj.gov.my

PIC: Puan Mona Leza Abd Aziz / Puan Noor Mala Manap

Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT)



1. Port Economics

  • The economics role of port industry
  • A deterministic model of port congestion
  • A queuing model of congestion
  • Cost and benefits of navigational aids in port approaches
  • Introduction of cost benefit analysis and basic calculations
  • The scope of modern port investment
  • The overall social cost benefit approach
  • The economic national planning and financial implications

2. Cargo Operations Management and Port Efficiency

  • Major objectives of unitization, Palletization and containerization
  • Cargo handling cost savings in unitization
  • Methods to improve general cargo productivity and berth throughput
  • Methods adopted by authorities
  • Guidelines for establishment of port operational performance
  • Indicators of port productivities: labour, ship turnaround time, berth throughput etc.
  • berth handling.
  • Layout of quays and transit sheds.
  • Handling of solid bulk and liquid bulk cargo
  • Loading and unloading equipment for bulk and liquid cargoes
  • Care and maintenance of lifting equipment.
  • Hallen, Velle, Stulken, Yo-Yo and Union Purchase derricks.
  • Cranes: types and advantages.
  • Heavy lift precautions
  • Equipment for handling pallets and containers.
  • Choice of Cargo Transport Units (CTU) type.
  • Implement Code of Practice
  • Identifying dangerous good, obtaining information and providing
  • Identifying hazard associated with the storage and handling of dangerous goods
  • Determining control measures and applying the hierarchy of control
  • Movement of goods from delivery source to consumer
  • The forwarder and the port facilities
  • The forwarder in the shipping process and custom formalities
  • Port marketing
  • Cargo handling and transfer technology
  • Data processing and communications technology

  1. . Port Pricing & Tariff
  • Nature and type of port charges
  • Cost factors in pricing, infrastructure, navigation services, equipment, staff and labor etc
  • Pricing policy and mechanisms
  • Effect of competition on pricing policy.
  • Demand influences
  • Regulatory mechanisms
  • Legal liability under national law
  • Legal liability International law

11.   International Maritime Security Regulation

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The ISPS Code
  • IMO and WTO
  • WCO’s Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade
  • The International transport industry Characteristics of sea transport demand
  • The sea transport system
  • The world merchant fleet
  • The cost of sea transport
  • The role of ports in the transport system
  • The shipping companies that run the business
  • The role of governments in shipping

13. Seaborne Trade and Transport Systems

  • The Geography of Maritime Trade
  • The value added by seaborne transport
  • Oceans, distances and transit times
  • The maritime trading network
  • Global seaborne trade
  • Docking
  • Mooring systems
  • Ship Berthing schedule

  1. Cargo handling, stowage, securing and ship stability
  • Cargo handling, stowage & securing
  • Knowledge of the effect of cargo including heavy lifts on the seaworthiness and stability of the ship.
  • Cargo handling equipment. The meaning of Safe Working Load The correct rigging and safe operation

16    Supply, Demand and Freight Rates

  • The shipping market model
  • Key influences on supply and demand
  • The demand for sea transport
  • The supply of sea transport
  • The freight rate mechanism
  • Shipping Market Cycles
  • Introducing the shipping cycle
  • Characteristics of shipping market cycles
  • Shipping cycles and shipping risk
  • Overview of shipping cycles,
  • Tramp market cycles and shipping risk
  • Tramp market cycles.
  • Bulk shipping market cycles
  • Prediction of shipping cycle.
  • Natural disasters and emergencies
  • Planning for disasters in advance
  • Planning and recover port after a disasters and emergencies strikes.



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Any queries regarding industrial training in the field of maritime and port, please contact the secretariat of PCOE, details as below:

Puan Mona Leza binti Abd Aziz
Tel: 07-2534000 ext : 4073/4075 or Fax : 07-2555200
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Potret PCOE 2016

 Port Week at Persada Johor

Port Week Conference, 18 October 2016

Port Week Executive Talk, 19 October 2016

Port Week Career Talk, 20 October 2016

Training Need Analysis Workshop (TNA) PCOE at  Renaissance Hotel | 21 September 2016

Kembara Kerja Johor  | 20-22 Mei 2016

VGM Roadshow at Johor State  | 10-12 Mei 2016

Emergency Response Plan Training at Renaissance Hotel, Johor | 13 Januari 2016

Working Visit From Penilaian Pusat Bertauliah at Johor Port Skills Centre | 13 Januari 2016

Potrait of PCOE 2015

The signing of the joint statement of the Department of Skills Development (DSD ) and Johor Port Authority


Green Port Conference in conjunction with Port Week 2015 at Johor Convention Centre (Persada), Johor Bahru


    MRCIE Exhibition at UNIKL, Bandar Seri Alam, Johor on 2nd-3rd December 2015