LPJ's Logo

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 12:41
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This logo combines three letters in one, which is “L”, “P”,”J".
  • letter "L" stand for Lembaga (Authority).
  • letter "P" stand for Pelabuhan (Port).
  • letter "J" stand for Johor.

When all the letter combine, it will stand for "LEMBAGA PELABUHAN JOHOR" (JOHOR PORT AUTHORITY).

The blue colour of the logo signifies the sea, which is related to the maritime industry. Blue also symbolized the spirit of unity and harmony in the port community, generating international-standard quality services.

Across the middle of the word Johor is a line. This line symbolises waves, representing challenges that must be faced to attain the mission and vision of the Johor Port Authority.

"Professionalism Enhance Services"